text-testing Designs are verified and validated via both in-house and subcontracted testing.


Nearly all of CTI's work is designed to ensure high reliability in rough handling and for use in harsh environments. Often, to ensure mission success, during the development and/or or at acceptance testing of a device, environmental testing is conducted. We are able to subject hardware to some of the more extreme tests in house, which allows us to efficiently identify any weaknesses early in the design process and retest quickly once improvements have been incorporated. Our test engineers are experienced in typical MILSPEC testing requirements.

Project Level Testing Objectives Include:
  • Demonstration Test & Evaluation - DT&E
  • Operational Acceptance Test & Evaluation - OAT&E
  • Independent Verification and Validation - IV&V
  • Acceptance and Qualification Testing
In-House Test Capabilities:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Vibration
  • Drop
  • RF
Full Testing Currently Supported Via Subcontractors:
  • Comprehensive Military Spec
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Space Qualification