text-solutionsservices Providing unique technical solutions and services with unique technical expertise.

CTI Solutions - Hardware-based and Operational Solutions

1. Sensor and Surveillance Integration
  • Sensor-to-trigger solutions
  • TT&L solutions
  • Biometrics applications
  • COTS sensor integration
  • Specialized comms & antennas
  • Custom positioners
2. Intrusion Detection and Anti Tamper
  • Intrusion and anti tamper detection
  • Anti tamper protection-passive & active
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Operational entry support
3. Specialized Packaging
  • Custom materials fabrication
  • Structural enclosures/radomes
  • Custom cosmetics
  • High bay support
4. Mission Support
  • Environmental testing
  • Prototypes and mock-ups
  • Operator training
  • Mission optimization

CTI Services - Software Engineering Services

1. Software Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering on various desktop and mobile computing platforms (Linux, Windows, Android, etc)
  • Cloud and network computing architectures
  • Web-based, data-agnostic, open-source development expertise (Java/J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, ExtJS, Ruby/Rails, Web 2.0, Adobe Flex)
  • Embedded firmware development across diverse hardware platforms (microcontrollers, PCs, phones and tablets) and running under various operating systems including Microsoft®, Mac OS® and iOS®, Android® and Linux®
  • Embedded Real-time Operating System (RTOS) applications
2. Cybersecurity
  • Vulnerability, attack, exploit and protect assessment and software development on multiple computing platforms and enterprise-level systems
  • Algorithm analysis, reverse engineering
  • Computer Network Operations support
  • Information Security tools and development expertise
3. Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Ubiquitous data extraction, transformation with multi-sourced data
  • Widget-based applications to inter-operate in existing application layers (eg. Ozone)
  • Real-time visualization and alerts with drill-down to support analytics
  • Interface with mobile and desktop presentation layers