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RF and Communications

It seems like everyone does some RF work these days. Despite convenient availability of everything from off the shelf components to mature network infrastructure, for some customers, appropriate wireless solutions remain buried in the noise. These unique challenges resonate with our innovative approach to communications system design and integration. From short-hop command and control to specialized long-haul links, CTI offers a broad spectrum of capabilities to bridge the gaps.

RF Highlights:
  • Antenna analysis, design, development, integration and testing
  • RF propagation analysis and modeling
  • Radiating system modeling & simulation
  • System performance characterization and measurement
  • Electrically small antennas and matching networks
  • Shielding and EMI/EMC mitigation
  • Tailored amplifier, filter and radio hardware
  • Miniaturized transceivers
  • Wireless command and control applications
Communications and Signals Highlights:
  • Signal exploitation, analysis and emitter geo-location
  • Small-platform solutions (HW and SW)
  • Development and implementation of signal processing algorithms
  • Waveform design (modulation and FEC) and Link analysis
  • Radiolocation, GPS processing and countermeasures
  • Signal detection, denial and micro-jamming