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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department is comprised of over forty experienced engineers and designers with diverse technical backgrounds. They are cross trained in a variety of special skills, and they take a hands on approach to design. They utilize modeling and analysis tools, create detail designs, assemble prototypes and conduct testing. Mechanical Engineering is a broad field and some of the areas CTI excels at are listed below.

Mechanical Engineering Highlights:
  • Positioning Systems
    Common applications include antenna mounts, camera systems and optics
  • Drive Mechanisms
    Silent-running drive systems, limited space constraints, vibration damping, challenging operating environments and other custom applications
  • Special Hand Tools and Power Tools
    Manual and powered application-specific tools
  • Custom Installation Kits
    From simple packaging of tools and supplies to highly customized, task-specific toolkits
  • Drilling Technology
    "From pin holes to man holes" specialized, durable drilling systems often for difficult materials, deep penetration and acoustically sensitive environments
  • Integrated Sensors
    Active/Passive, RF, Audio, Video, Indoor/Outdoor and other high-end integrated sensor systems
  • RF, Acoustic & IR Suppression
    Solutions that must take emissions into consideration, including electromagnetic shielding, noise suppression, vibration damping, and thermal management
  • Design & Drafting
    Design documentation, technical manuals, drawing package production to ASME, DOD and MIL standards, tolerance studies, and PCB layout
Application Areas of Expertise:
  • Commercial Off The Shelf - COTS Modification and Integration
  • Anti-Tamper and Intrusion Detection Devices
  • Reverse Engineering and Deconstructing
  • Working With Exotic Plastics and Metal Alloys
  • Fastening and Bonding Techniques for Difficult Applications
  • Vehicular Modifications
  • UAV Deployment and Payload Systems
  • Machines, Automation and Robotics
  • Vacuum Systems and Pressure Vessels
  • Thermal Management Analysis and Implementation of Cooling Solutions and Humidity Control
  • Modeling and Analysis: CAD, CFD, FEA