text-people Our best assets wear shoes.


CTI's employees are highly skilled and motivated. The engineers at CTI hold degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Systems Engineering and are "hands-on" hardware developers. The scientists at CTI are involved in major R&D programs and hold degrees in physics and electronics. The machinists and technicians are highly skilled craftsmen with many years of experience fabricating hardware. CTI's administrative staff is efficient and highly responsive to our customers' needs. CTI has close relationships with consultants in specialized fields such as optical and RF engineering.

With our low turnover, CTI's team has many years of direct experience at the company providing its unique services. Customers benefit from the historical knowledge the staff possesses and the directly applicable management, engineering and trade skills.

Testimonials from our staff

"CTI provides me with the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting and fast paced projects, which allow me to challenge myself and grow with the Company!" - James V.

"CTI allows me as an engineer the freedom and tools to bring ideas into reality." - Matthew T.

"I have worked in many corporate environments over the years and it is the unique collection of CTI’s people that make this place a pleasure to come to each day…You sincerely feel valued and appreciated!" - Marysue S.