text-facilities Our facilities are not matched by anyone in our field.


CTI's three facilities are very unique assets for a company to possess, especially in the DC/VA/MD area. The buildings are configured to facilitate rapid design, manufacturing and testing of small electronic circuits to large machinery. Large, flexible high bays allow the company to do things such as assemble large items, stage quick response projects, erect site mockups and provide training.

The facilities house:
  • Engineering Areas
  • Electro-mechanical Labs
  • Machine Shop
  • Model/Wood Shop
  • Large and Small Assembly Areas
  • High Bay Drive-In Areas
  • Administrative Office Space
Other features include:
  • Close proximity to main customers
  • Easy access from major highways
  • Privacy in small industrial parks
  • Dock and ramp access for shipping and receiving
  • Ramp access and high bays to facilitate vehicle modifications