text-organization Quick and efficient response is what we provide.

Structured and Agile

CTI has put together a unique organization that is agile, responsive and focused on providing global solutions in a "quick-reaction-capability" (QRC) environment. The organization, management team, and project management structure leverages industry best practices to execute projects. Our training, experience and processes facilitate a rapid response.

Structured for Success CTI:
  • Maintains an in-house cadre of PMI® trained and certified Project Managers.
  • Provides experienced Project Managers that provide in-place relationships and insight that mitigate management startup risks and learning curve delays.
  • Utilizes a PMBOK® based Project Management Framework to manage projects.
  • Utilizes key Project Management Plan components including: Work Breakdown Structure, Basis of Estimate, Schedule, Cost Estimate, Staffing Plan, A streamlined quick response process (as required), Earned Value Management (as warranted).
Agile for Rapid Response:

Utilizing Concurrent Engineering, CTI excels under QRC demands. This is a system's approach based upon two concepts. First, the entire project life-cycle is considered in the early planning and design phases. Second, all preceding design, engineering and development tasks can be achieved in parallel or concurrently. By implementing these two concepts, CTI facilitates the reduction of schedules while allowing for collaboration at a high level to discover errors and redesign at an early stage. CTI has been executing projects in this fashion for many years and has refined the process along the way.

Project Managers have accumulated years of direct QRC experience at CTI. They receive PMIĀ® training and they have technical degrees in engineering. They direct and manage project execution and have authority over and are accountable for their projects.

To be truly agile and efficient, corporate management focuses on clear communications, optimal planning, accurate data and timely decisions. A thin layer of management expedites corporate level resource commitments and similar decisions rapidly.